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  • Kaho Shiratori
    "Toy with her pussy!"
    Kaho Shiratori
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Kaho Shiratori
    - 70 min. - Bitrate 3600KBPS - File size 1.85GB - 640x480 pixel
    KAHO SHIRATORI who performed this time is a nymph whom the school uniform suits. Moreover, she is a wonderful girl who challenged to perform lesbian play that first time in our TOKYO HOT. Of course, our natural plays as raw fuck, rope play, gangbang, vaginal cum shot and piss shot are splendidly handled. Please move the hand hard by KAHO who made a new legend. After school, KAHO left in the classroom and to be cherished by the female teacher. Well behaved KAHO is put off the panty while rubbed tits and shows pussy to the female teacher. The teacher elbowing her way through the major labia and greatly expands it, and confuse mind of KAHO. Then she is taken to the conference room by female teacher's skillful art of talking. The female teacher who wore white lingerie to the body shows vibs toy to KAHO and let her suck it. When she sucks vibs toy while is to be blindfolded, suddenly real cock appears there and KAHO sucks it instead of toy. KAHO who keeps carefully sucking the cock by the female teacher's advice and licks the cock as head, ball bag and back line by the tip of the tongue in the female teacher's lead. It is the world of bind (KINBAKU) that waited as follows that. The female teacher invites her to the world where the high school student can never do the tasted thing. The rope bind specialist appears there, KAHO who put on the school uniform is restricted in an instant and her tits is exposed. The panty is lowered, and it is female ejaculation act suddenly. After enough love juice drips and is thrown, it begins to act the pussy with the rotor toy after emphatically with the tear toy in the finger. When act clitoris and the vagina while bound, the pant voice heat up time by time and she was in faint in agony much. It seems that she feel much heaven because nipple is erected much and vibs toy is inserted in the pussy while picking erected nipple up and actions is never stopped. The pussy where the vagina held the vibs toy deep gets excited in obscenity. At the end, to act her abruptly by the electric massage machine and she got the acme with cramp the pussy. The following are starts of lesbian play. The pussy is licked by the female teacher, and KAHO suck the sham cock that the female teacher who installed penis bands, and posed abruptly at the missionary posture at the end. This is the world of the estheticism that never has seen in TOKYO HOT before. Piston act is done for KAHO was posed while voluntarily stimulating clitoris. Moreover, movement of teacher's waist is more than that of a man and KAHO got acme at once. Devil brute team who were looking at it cannot endure and KAHO was ordered to make fellatio service for them. And they begin to insert the cock in her mouth by turns. It will be impressed deeply by KAHO who sucks hard though slaver is hung down. The raw fuck start from face to face woman on top posture, when he insert his cock and tasted her pussy moderately, then second brute insert his cock immediately at the backward woman on top posture. It abruptly pokes as like destroying pussy. The next brute joint with her at the doggie back and they shifted to 3P play. Moreover they start 4P play at the woman on top posture and approaching to final stage of continues vaginal cum shot play. Brute splashed thick semen one after another to her face while abruptly posed her at the missionary posture and her face is covered by semen fully and became white quickly. KAHO who was became ragged by the two vaginal cum shot and 12 facial cum shot is a cruel appearance. The PISS SHOT scene of the extra where KAHO splashed her piss while looked down is very impressive.
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