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  • Akemi Kyono
    "A night club slut"
    Akemi Kyono
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Akemi Kyono
    - 71 min. - Bitrate 3600KBPS - File size 1.89GB - 640x480 pixel
    A Happy New Year for everyone. TOKYO HOT will be more powerful in 2006 as well as 2005, please expect and enjoy yourself. The first content in 2006 that present from New Year's Day is insult content with performed by AKEMI KYONO. As she was born in the country side, it is very fresh that AKEMI speaks with an accent. Also this is debut content of AKEMI of amateur. It succeeded in making AKEMI who was working at Night Club perform by the roll of notes. It seems that a sensational event without what received by the life of 20 years is experienced as compulsion masturbation, fellatio party, raw fucking party and vaginal cum shot and she will be as a splendid meat slave in the night club hostess. Due to the recession though the management of the night club is also severe, AKEMI also works hard at serving as a good service mind for the customer. AKEMI was ordered that cannot be in the club is done from the customer, when she get nomination from the customer and works hard. She thought that sales were lost and it was restructured by her when the guest was made angry here. AKEMI was taking off the panty and showing her pussy in a secret promise to the club. The guest of great joy trifles with her pussy and stimulates the tits. The guest takes out the toy and takes advantage of the extension to begin playing with AKEMI who was becoming sleepy eyes. She voluntarily holds the rotor toy to clitoris and is absorbed. In addition, it is inserted in the vagina and AKEMI got many acme while pants with radical voice. The manager who was stealing a glance at the site thought about unsavory things. The next day, the manager gets the money more than market price from the regular customer and sells AKEMI to him with condition that he can make anything as he want to AKEMI. And, the first guest suddenly compels fellatio. AKEMI insists that doesn't hear it, but the manager tells to her that don't forget the mind of service and deceives. It feels admiration for the frivolity of AKEMI who easily undertakes it. After all, foolish slut is best of woman to play. Then, AKEMI starts licking service with wonderful skill that the seen one is matched feeling of the virtual experience the taste. The guest delights completely to AKEMI who making fellatio service while touching the pussy. And make mouthful cum shot finally. Next, AKEMI who was change to erotic and lovely clothes will be played with by regular customers. Apparently, this night club is no more drinking place but has replaced a good old-fashioned sexy shop. The under hair that protruding from the panty is shaved and the pussy is exposed. Then two customers stir her small pussy. Then, rotor toy appears and the tits and the vagina are touched. Moreover, vibs toy is added and insert it to her pussy abruptly. The hand of the pursuit is not rested to AKEMI who pants and rejoices. The muddler appears and the tear her pussy, G spots stimulation Vibs toy appears and the tremble of her pussy as well. The end is seen the opening of uterus with the SAKURAI type speculum and ends. At this occasion, the club is transfigured further and becomes a more doubtful shop. Then, AKEMI appears with red lingerie and suck the cock of customer (cum shower team) who put in the prison one after another. AKEMI managed to suck the cock of four customers who paid certain money in order to make fuck with her. While four guests have inserted the cock by various posture and made vaginal cum shot one after another, the other guest who pays less amount makes her face with semen one after another. The world of hard-core played by non-stop. Please enjoy seeing this scene that pattern different from current TOKYO HOT. It was AKEMI by coming to the club without understanding too much well and doing a valuable experience. AKEMI, you hold out well and 15token will be given to you.
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