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  • Sayaka Ando
    "a slender slut"
    Sayaka Ando
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Sayaka Ando
    - 72 min. - Bitrate 3600KBPS - File size 1.89GB - 640x480 pixel
    Tall and beautiful new figure stewardess SAYAKA ANDO was captured this time. It is stewardess's role to regard the passenger first of all to enjoy comfortable air travel. Naturally training is necessary to get possible to handle the duty to become an independent. Especially, the new figure training is important. The severity of TOKYO HOT Airlines is well above the common level though it is said that the teacher's training is generally severe. Please enjoy the impact image that the body of a slender SAYAKA is broken by the new figure training. At the beginning, the superior comes to the room to which the woman stands by. As soon as the superior greets, he begins to grope body of SAYAKA. SAYAKA who feels nervous cannot oppose anything and the pussy is fingered while having stood and fellatio is compelled. It is a start of the TOKYO HOT Airlines style new figure training. In addition, another two superiors also join and she is made compulsion fellatio for three cocks. Back of the head is strongly affected and the cock is inserted up to the interior of the throat, and a large amount of saliva drips and drops from mouth of SAYAKA. In addition, the cock of the superior who had a seat on the desk is politely licked and finish is hand job service. The ejaculation scatters on tongue of SAYAKA, and inside of mouth is muddy by the semen. It is an open leg pose at the sofa in the next scene. The under hair around pussy is shaved compulsorily because of the personal appearance is very important. And it is sensitivity check afterwards. After finger fuck, the clitoris is abruptly stimulated with the rotor toy, and the joy juice that becomes cloudy drips and is thrown from the pussy. In addition, SAYAKA is made making acme compulsorily by vibs toy acting after the inside of the pussy is stirred with the rotor toy, and the whole body go into convulsions and faints in agony. The toy is inserted in the pussy by the backing style and a large amount of joy juice is gushed. The vagina wall overflows with the joy juice that blows the bubble when it is peeped in Cuzco. Then, it is fucked at the standing back posture. She ejaculates to a piston to which the one leg is lifted high and fucking is continue at the woman on top, backward woman on top and back posture. In addition, she is abruptly posed at the bending posture and the vagina wall has discolored in red. It may be already a limit of physical strength, SAYAKA opposes feebly immediately before the vaginal cum shot with saying that "Please don't put out inside". Vaginal cum shot is made to SAYAKA who lost the power of opposing and thick semen flows backward immediately after the cock is pulled out. The next scene is on the bed. SAYAKA is throwing in the cock into mouth while being fucked at the missionary posture. After the piston is done by bending and side posture, it shifts to backward woman on top posture while cock is curry out inserted from side posture. And it is vaginal cum shot at the back posture. Semen begins to overflow slowly when the cock is pulled out. Another cock is immediately inserted. The semen that flows backward is pushed in the t vagina and it is next vaginal cum shot at the back posture. Semen overflows mightily when the cock is pulled out. And, another cock is immediately inserted again. Then, it is vaginal again to the pussy that is impoverished by continuous vaginal cm shot. After cock ejaculates, it stays long in the vagina and all semen is injected. The cock is pulled out and semen flows backward slowly. In addition, the pussy is stirred by the finger and female ejaculation is made compulsorily. The lower half of the body of SAYAKA goes into convulsions for the great stimulation. The labium that is congested and is enlarged tells terrific of play. The last is cu shower part by the passenger. The original machine only for pour is installed in the pussy of SAYAKA who becomes lift hip up pose. It is a mechanism that the semen collected in the container is compulsorily injected in the vagina and semen of total 6 is poured in the pussy. The appearance is caught with another camera and vivid from which semen is poured in the vagina is told in detail. The stewardess of TOKYO HOT Airlines has work that wrings staff's semen and relieves their stress. In the future, TOKYO HOT Airlines will introduce service in which the stewardess wrings passenger's semen. Please refresh a body tired by the long flight by making vaginal cum shot to the pussy of stewardess. Please feel free to call when you see SAYAKA in the cabin. She will come to fuck immediately.
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