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  • Hitomi Mochida
    "The Meat Urinal"
    Hitomi Mochida
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Hitomi Mochida
    - 81 min. - Bitrate 3600KBPS - File size 2.12GB - 640x480 pixel
    Though it is heard that the hospital that collapses by the management difficulty in one side of doctor shortage is not a little either, it might be one method of arrange an attractive woman doctor rebuilding the hospital management. HITOMI MOCHIDA of the owner with a lovely smile and attractive beauty tots is a beautiful woman doctor. There are a lot of patients who frequently commute to hospital in order to be healed by HITOMI and the hospital is continuation of the surplus. However, the boyfriend who had associated before was a devil. The boyfriends throng to the home to get back together and fuck her with friends. Please enjoy a full detail that after a woman doctor who is the principle of the first patient, gentle and everyone yearns having been fucked for a long time by the strange men transformed to an ugly appearance. At the beginning, HITOMI is facing in consultation room with the patient. He is the habitu? patient who pretends to be ill and make a pass at HITOMI. HITOMI tries to treat lightly and to return him. However, a man insists that he has a feeling in the abdomen and tries to let her lick the cock at the same time. HITOMI cannot oppose and clothes are taken off from back and the clitoris that fair, beautiful shape is rubbed. In the next, stockings and the panty are taken off and the pussy is opened greatly and finger fuck & careful licking service is made. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy drips from the pussy when she was posed at bending, woman on top and back posture. The beauty bust that shakes in response to the piston is erotic. And it is vaginal cum shot. The backflow semen drips from the pussy of a half opening. The image scene is placed and it is home of HITOMI. Though HITOMI refuses the proposal of former boyfriend that be reinstated as previously and clothes are taken off and the body is caressed. In addition, friends of former boyfriend also appear there and they participate in the caress. HITOMI is made careful licking service and she is groped between groins with the rotor toy. Then, it is the electric massage machine act after the vibs toy is inserted in the vagina and it is stimulated. A large amount of joy juice gushes from the pussy. HITOMI pants loudly and got acme. HITOMI is obstinately touched between groins with the massage machine immediately after having acme and ejaculates. The labia meat gets rolled up and pussy is drenched. In addition, the finger fuck is made and a large amount of joy juice is blown. And the cock inserted at back posture. The cock is put one after another at backward woman on top, woman on top, back and standing back posture, and the cock is also thrown and at the same time and she is made fellatio. She is posed by various postures and the pussy is soppy. Then first vaginal cum shot is made at woman on top posture. The second cock inserted immediately at back posture and semen injected at backward woman on top posture. A large amount of semen flows backward at a dash immediately after cock is having been pulled out. In the next, the third cock is inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. The fourth cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected. The labia meat is enlarged and the ostium of the vagina is an opening. Play continues further though the pussy is transformed in ugliness. Men of sick that red macula on whole body gather and they entreated to be treated by HITOMI and they begin to squeeze the cock. Though HITOMI uncertaintys and finds no word to say because of the appearance of the strange men and she is immediately made to the lift hip up pose and the pussy is expanded. Men splashed semen to the pussy one after another. The semen of ten totals hits the pussy directly. Men pour semen though HITOMI shouts and opposes many times on the way. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed in the vagina by the finger. After the fact, HITOMI who held in his arms is made to excrete semen. The semen flows backward drips to the belly of the patient who lie down on a bed. In addition, HITOMI is put on patient's belly and is made finger fuck and the joy juice and the compound liquid of the backflow semen are blown. HITOMI is seriously for the appearance of serious patient who is convinced that it is treatment to take Compound liquid that gushes from vagina to a whole body and shows creepy smile. Patient's serious illness cures miraculously after this. The rumor that a disease is cured if patients made fuck & vaginal cum shot to HITOMI and is poured joy juice spreads and patients of the intractable disease rush in from the whole country. Though much semen of patients is injected into HITOMI every day, it turns out that most of patients are fake ill to want make vaginal cum shot. Only the fake ill patient is coming to a hospital now and HITOMI is working hard as meat urinal as nominal woman doctor.
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