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  • Manami Kikuchi
    "The Ugly Mouth of Uterus"
    Manami Kikuchi
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Manami Kikuchi
    - 81 min. - Bitrate 4000KBPS - File size 2.53GB - 1280x720 pixel
    MANAMI KIKUCHI is an energetic popular weather forecaster with a lovely smile. Not only the studio recording but also on-the-spot telecast is newly left and it goes well also working. She marries the actor or the sports player and will retire in the future, and will get the celebrity life. However, the case that the life of all's going well MANAMI collapses instantly breaks out. There should be the spot broadcast of the weather but it goes to the site of AV by the confirmation mistake for some reason. MANAMI is mistaken for the masochist actress and it compulsorily rushes into the play that is humiliated much. It was too late though the staff will recognize that it was mistake later. It was after she was made vaginal cum shot severely even by semen actors and the pussy was disintegrated. After broadcasting ends, the work of on-the-spot telecast is newly left to MANAMI by the producer. MANAMI is full of a motivation for work of the spot broadcast to be possible by an appeal with one's brightness. Later, MANAMI goes to the broadcast spot in a hand with a handed map. She arrives safely though she loses one's way and it is a little later for the schedule time. The spot is already ready. MANAMI who is late is immediately taken in front of the camera. It is one man in the presence. The supervisor instructs fellatio to MANAMI puzzled to atmosphere different from the weather forecast. MANAMI recognize that she made a mistake in the site and opposes. However, the supervisor convinced that it is acting of the masochist woman and let her suck by opearation. MANAMI who is made taking off clothes and opened pussy by lift hip up pose is made finger fuck & careful licking service and opposes desperately. Immediately after, cock inserted and vaginal cum shot was made after piston was made at backward woman on top and back posture. Then second cock inserted. MANAMI is panicky for vaginal cum shot but semen injected at once. Immediately after, MANAMI is bound both hands in the back and is taken to the photography of the next scene. MANAMI has been spanking hip many times by back style and ball gag is put. The vibes toy inserted at the same time. In addition, the pussy is stirred by the vibes toy and she faints in agony and MANAMI was hot acme. Immediately after, cock inserted at back posture. Hip is spanked at the same time and hip that is dyed red are miserable. Then cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made at once. Just after that, the collar is put on and moves with an appearance like the slave. MANAMI is goes down the stairs in crawl on all fours and taken to the room that the actor waits for. And, it is the electric massage machine act. The pussy is obstinately stimulated and she ejaculates and got acme. Immediately after, cock inserted at missionary posture and semen was injected. However, it has not ended yet. She moves by crawl on all fours again and forward to the room that semen actors waiting for. MANAMI is abused with an abnormal woman, and she is touched body and finger fuck was made. Then cock inserted at missionary posture. Immediately after, water is sprinkled and fucking is continued like a drenched whole body. Hip is spanked, and the cock is inserted in the vagina interior and the joy juice is gushed. In addition, vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture while being abused with abnormal slut. Immediately after, second cock is inserted and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. The third cock inserted at once and it was vaginal cum shot at back posture. Just after it, forth cock inserted and It was an accidental explode immediately. Semen is poured even on the Mons pubis. And then fifth cock inserted at missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. Labia meat is enlarged, and the pussy becomes muddy by semen. The scout suddenly brings the model greatly delaying at the schedule time afterwards. The man watches a dead tired MANAMI and is astonished. The woman who doesn't know has already been made vaginal cum shot and taking a picture has ended. The men insert a cock without a pardon again though they notice mistaken identity for the first time here. The expression that MANAMI gave up is impressive. Last is a womb entrance image that puts Cuzco. The uterine ostium that was made confusedly in a short time and became ugly can be satisfied. After this, MANAMI is dragged around with it having been put a collar to the several spots and is made vaginal cum shot every day. Another caster had already taken charge of the program though she is finally liberated after half a year and returns to the TV station. Finally, MANAMI is severely abused with the fucking meat urinal slave and she is turned away at the door. Nobody knows when the life that is a favorable wind trips. Is the life after moment is totally unpredictable even if she can forecast tomorrow's weather?
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