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  • Karen Serizawa
    "Bikini Idol toilet"
    Karen Serizawa
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Karen Serizawa
    - 95 min. - Bitrate 4000KBPS - File size 2.98GB - 1280x720 pixel
    We will teach the method of brighten the bikini gravure idol who insufficient sexy. KAREN SERIZAWA who has wonderful dynamite tits which almost spills out the bikini is picked up as a teaching material. The character that quiet and nothing can decline@is most suitable, too. Sexy begins to blot from the inside of the body. In other words the pussy is the most important point. KAREN who is kept being cheated to suitable word that the work doubles by pussy development and being humiliated is nothing of amorousness but become a looking meat urinal which begins to be bolt semen from a whole body when she is noticed. KAREN made a sexy pose in taking a picture. The photography proceeds while a manager advises her one by one in constant attendance on a side because KAREN is still inexperienced in work. Immediately after, the atmosphere of the site is strained at a dash when the producer arrives. The reason is because it cannot live in this world when it offends the producer. The producer suddenly grasps dynamite tits of KAREN. KAREN who doesn't understand rule of this business world well as new face dislikes it. However, the manager admonishes and educates such KAREN. The bikini gravure idol grows up by the repeated sexual harassment. And, KAREN is made change of bikini to the school swimming suit of high leg cut by T-back in producer's intention. KAREN is scolded that amorousness is insufficient though the pose is decided while being puzzled to the swimming suit with a lot of exposures. A part of the swimming suit is cut with scissors for the purpose is to put out amorousness. The dynamite tits are a full view. KAREN who was able finally to become a bikini gravure idol that was the dream from childhood can do nothing and follow it. However, the lower half of the body part is cut because it is said that amorousness is still insufficient and the pussy is made exposed. In addition, the producer slowly caresses body of KAREN. KAREN who was made complete nudity and was requested fellatio refuses it decidedly. However, she is threatened that there is no future and sucks the cock. It is a pitiful woman. She is made to lick the ball bag while gives a hand job service with a smile. And then cock inserted at back posture. No matter how one puts it to a fuck. The dark face of idol is a taboo though KAREN becomes sad while being fucked. KAREN is told that she does not run out of a smile from beginning to end, and she is done a piston severely. And it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture after M-leg woman on top, backward woman on top and side posture. This is a just prelude though KAREN shakes with a sense of humiliation and disappointment. Immediately after, the education to put out amorousness starts. It is said that the photograph collection might be decided and KAREN is made to take off the stocking and the panty and the pussy is opened greatly after the bust is caressed. The development of the pussy is indispensable to putting out amorousness. And the caress to the clitoris and the vagina is immediately started. The clitoris is stimulated by two rotor toys and KAREN faints in agony. The vibs toy is put in the vagina and the pussy is soaked. The clitoris is touched at the same time with the electric massage machine and ejaculates. And then KAREN got acme while twisting a lower part of the body. Immediately after, Cuzco inserted. The spectacle that the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots in the uterine ostium is obscene. The expression that KAREN seems to have given up is impressive. And, she made hand job service & standing fellatio for two cocks. An expression gradually glistens with sucking the cock. Then cock inserted in the pussy at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at back posture after banding & side posture. The second cock inserted at once and semen is injected. Just after that tits rub service is made for third cock and it ejaculates to the mouth in large quantities after it rubs severely. The forth cock immediately inserted at missionary posture and injected the semen. Immediately after, KAREN is affected by the open leg pose and cock is inserted one after another by staff and the vaginal cum shot is made as a finish end. The pussy becomes muddy by the semen of five totals. Just after that, it stirs in the vagina it with the vibs toy. At the same time, semen is poured to the pussy one after another. The semen of four totals hits the pussy directly. The crotch is in a miserable state. And, the education ends safely. She may considerably get the work in this. However, the education to put out amorousness is repeated and she is made vaginal cum shot every day for half year from it. It is said that there is not yet the offer of new work though she should considerably become a reliable lady.
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