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  • Natsumi Ando
    "Pussy Collapse"
    Natsumi Ando
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Natsumi Ando
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    The slender and the beauty leg but also Bakunyuu. NATSUMI ANDO of a perfect proportion is a beautiful doctor. The hospitals are always great congestion with a patient who aims NATSUMI though she is saucy and the examination is vague. As for a lot of patients with feigned illness, there is no time to do the favorite masturbating. The good idea to which the TOKYO HOT solves patient examination and sexual desire of NATSUMI all at once is executed for such a busy woman doctor. It is body treatment that offers the patient the splendid body. The purpose of all is for the patient even if pussy of NATUSMI will be destroyed. Reborn as splendid woman doctor who has spirit of self-sacrifice and service and the meat urinal is expected. NATSUMI make examination in hurry and tries to send away the patient who came in stomachache. It is because there are a lot of feigned illness patients only to want to meet NATSUMI. However, the patient rages far from returning and actions NATSUMI. It cannot be suitable in woman's power though NATSUMI who is made deep kiss and fingered bust opposes. She is made taking off stocking and the panty immediately by the open leg pose. It is splendid pussy that is lovely, small labia meat and little pubic hair around the pussy. It is careful licking service after finger fuck. In flushing vagina being licked many times is also obscene. Immediately after, cock inserted, and the head is affected and the piston is done. NATSUMI seems to have lost the opposed energy completely. It is the best to way to control a saucy woman by opearation. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. Immediately after, the next patient who waits for the examination enters medical examination room. Actually, though this patient is treating with ED, it did not improve and he was embarrassed. However, the ED patient who saw the fucking scene erects. A man thrust the first patient aside and inserts the cock at backward woman on top posture. And he made vaginal cum shot after made piston at missionary & bending posture. ED is cured completely and the patient returns with pleasure. Immediately after, the first patient inserted cock at missionary posture. And he injected semen at missionary posture after made intense piston at bending posture. This patient recovers from a stomachache and returned with pleasure, too. NATSUMI who is made vaginal cum shot consecutively is in stupefaction for a while. Though she I take heart somehow, she comes home with many patients who are waiting for the examination made to wait. It is an outrageous woman to abandon the duty by only vaginal cum shot. And, NATSUMI who returned to home begins masturbating though takes a rest in the sofa. It is a joking woman. Immediately after, men neglected at a hospital throng to house of NATSUMI furiously and press for body treatment and act her. Affected NATSUMI cannot oppose and is made taking off the panty, and is made open leg pose. The vagina is enhanced until urethral openings become fully exposed and a lovely pussy is beaten up. And, the clitoris is intensively stimulated with the rotor toy and she faints in agony. In the next, vibs toy inserted. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. Immediately after, Cuzco inserted. It is the beautiful the uterine ostium which is worth polluting it. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. She is severely posed at bending, side, backward woman on top and back posture and the cloudiness joy juice is increased more. And vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. Immediately after, second cock inserted. NATSUMI who is stimulated the vagina interior entreats vaginal cum shot. It seems to have awoken to the spirit of service. And semen injected at back posture. Just after that, a large number of another patients who hoped for body treatment crowd. NATSUMI who expanded pussy by crawl on all fours is inserted cock of patient one after another and the vaginal cum shots are made. The four by crawl on all fours and six by open leg pose, Pussy that semen of ten totals is poured collapses. Immediately after, the whole body is rolled by the lap while the electric massage machine pressed between groins. She is still a pant under this situation. She is lewd slut helplessly. After this, story that body treatment works for all diseases extends on the Internet and the number of patients increases hugely. The reputation is also high as it is corresponding to all the sicknesses as like ED, hard up for money to goes to sexual club and so on and the patient comes to a hospital from all over the world now. It seems always to be pouring away in the middle of fucking because she is fucked round the clock and it is not to mention masturbation and no time to go the rest room either. It is a genuine meat urinal.
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