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  • Sunha Yi
    "Korean Meat Urinal"
    Sunha Yi
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Sunha Yi
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    Meat Urinal from South Korea was captured. The name is Sunha Yi. It seems to have come to Japan for the study of psychology. It is an elite foreign student to be fluent in Japanese in two years. She is fascinating for a lewd thing and masturbates by delusion SM play though she is atmosphere as neat and young lady. Additionally, the thing that she is an erotic constitution that get acme immediately when it is stimulated also turns out. It came to Japan with great feelings. Let her has the return after various things as fuck, vaginal cum shot, insult play are driven in to the body. A lewd aura drifts from her whole body in spite of serious elite. The masturbation is requested and she hesitates a little while. However, it begins to stimulate the bust immediately when the entire staff leaves the camera and goes out and she was becoming one in the room. Immediately after, she is creeping up between crotches. The hand is put in the panty and she caresses the pussy. She seriously feels it gradually. She must be lascivious considerably. Immediately after, SUNHA who is made stark-naked is blindfolded and does the masturbation with the vibs toy. Men surround around her. SUNHA doesn't have the sign in which the masturbation is stopped even if the blindfold is taken off and she notices that she is looked by men. She put vibs toy into the interior and stimulates as she gets more excitement when she is looked at. And she got acme. In the next, pussy is fingered after deep kiss is made. Men stare at thatfs appearance. SUNHA is fucked while it is stared at point-blank range. This is considerable shame play. Immediately after, pussy is greatly opened by the lift hip up pose. Then cock is inserted after it is made careful licking service obstinately. SUNHA sucks cock by the standing fellatio and also licks ball bag politely. She may delusions thing that cock having pierced to the womb in a head and must be excited. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. She is posed at bending, side, backward woman on top and back posture, and the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots from the pussy. Immediately after, it is standing back posture. The beauty & slim leg that expands is too erotic! It is the best to fuck a beautiful leg by standing back posture. Just after that, vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. Naturally, one vaginal cum shot is insufficient for erotic SUNHA. Then, men surround SUNHA who changes into chic clothes, and sit down on a sofa and caress a whole body. SUNHA who is broken stocking and stripped off the panty by open leg pose is touched clitoris with vibs toy. The vibs toy is also pushed into the pussy at the same time and she faints in agony. Immediately after, it is stirred with the mega vibs toy in the vagina and she pants. SUNHA is being made having acme and pussy soaked much. Just after that, Cuzco inserted. Elite international student's uterine ostium is made muddy by a cloudiness joy juice! It is a terribly obscene spectacle. Then she is made fellatio by six-nine pose. She licked three cocks at the same time. SUNHA easily acquired triple fellatio because she is clever. Immediately after, cock inserted at backward woman on top posture. It is severely stirred at side, back and missionary posture and she ejaculates. Then vaginal cum shot is made after she is made acme. The second cock is immediately thrown in and the piston is done. And semen is injected at missionary posture after woman on top posture. The third cock inserted at once3 at bending posture. It is pushed up from the under many times at woman on top posture and she ejaculates much. The spectacle that anal is enhanced at each piston is must see! And it is vaginal cum shot and pussy is already sloppy. However, it has not ended yet. Other men are gathered so that SUNHA is completely satisfied. SUNHA look at men who surround around her while rubbing cock and she finds no word to say. However, she is made to lift hip up pose and cock is inserted one after another, and the vaginal cum shot is made. SUNHA & s for it. And, the semen of ten totals is injected. Immediately after, it ejaculates one after another aiming at the pussy that expanded by the finger. Nine cum shot hits the pussy directly. In the situation that the pussy is terrible in total 19 cum shot. It is grubbed in the vibs toy and bubble backflow semen gushes. Such the -looking woman has never seen even the elite. SUNHA submits the report concerning vaginal cum shot to TOKYO HOT after this. The devil brute is made to groan that she is elite as expected. It will be the one that it wants SUNHA to become the link of Japan and South Korea as a vaginal cum shot goodwill ambassador for the future.
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    from 06-15-2010
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