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  • Miyu Arimori
    Miyu Arimori
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Miyu Arimori
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    The mental is still growing though the body is completely an adult. Please leave the training of the young slut student to the TOKYO HOT. There are results that make MIYU ARIMORI who hardly has experience of sex and fair woman of the modest & honor student a perfect meat slave. It made continues fuck for pretty pussy with several cocks. It brings up perfect fellatio by intraoral training whether she likes it or not. MIYU who rapidly improves sensitivity and obedience after finishing continuous vaginal cum shot is transfigured to a slut who wants semen. The state that a pure pussy is made in ugliness and changed in dark is impacts. After school, the teacher calls MIYU who stayed in the classroom. MIYU who is diminutive & childish seems to be said, "Young slut student" by the shadow and to be held in derision. However, a teacher is abnormal who likes young body like her. Teacher said MIYU to become adult by sex and caressed bust of MIYU. MIYU is affected by opearation and is made deep kiss though she tries to oppose. It is made taking off the panty immediately after. Anyway, the experience rather less pussy is beautiful. The teacher who was excited to see the beauty pussy that is small labia meat sucks at the pussy and made careful licking service. The joy juice that comes out from the beauty pussy might be surely a delicious. Immediately after, MIYU who is said to suck cock complete refuses. She cannot touch it even from pants. However, MIYU of the honor student cannot go against what the teacher says, and she caresses a cock. Immediately after, cock is thrown. The head is affected and the piston is done though she seriously dislikes. A ing face provokes excitement more. And, the cock is inserted in a lovely pussy by standing back posture. Piston is made many times at backward woman on top & woman on top posture and she faints in agony. And then vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. Labia meat was transformed & enlarged by one fuck! It is easy that the pussy with a little experience broke. MIYU joins the swimming club later in order to become an attractive body and seeing like the adult. She changes into school swimming suit and calisthenics in the locker room. Man of classmate appears there and confesses MIYU. The man who cannot control impulse in excitement actions MIYU. Another classmate appears, too and confesses to MIYU. After all, MIYU is made caress whole body by two men. The deep kiss is made after pink nipples are obstinately licked. The swimming wear is continuously turned over by crawl on all fours and it is finger fuck & clitoris act. The spectacle which joy juice gradually blots from the vagina is obscene. The nipple is stimulated with the rotor toy immediately after and she faints in agony. The rotor toy pushing to clitoris continuously and finger fuck is made at the same time. The electric massage machine continuously hits the clitoris directly. Finger fuck also continues and the joy juice gushes more. Immediately after, it is female ejaculation by the intense finger fuck. The joy juice blowing up perpendicularly is wonderful! Cuzco is continuously pierced. It is a sandy vagina road in a narrow vagina. It is so beautiful uterine ostium and excellent pussy that is plenty of joy juice. Then, cock is pushed into the mouth immediately after and it is standing fellatio. The stick is deeply pushed in the throat and it gets excited by the appearance to vomit the cock many times. Quality of the meat slave is enough for the expression to watch a man with upward glance use. Immediately after, cock is inserted in the pussy at missionary posture. In addition, upperclassman's senior also joins fuck and inserted cock at backward woman on top posture. She is posed by the various postures as standing back, back, woman on top, side and bending, and the pussy is completely expanded. And then, vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock also injected semen soon at missionary posture. Just after that, third cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture, too. Then, students who heard pant voice of MIYU gather and inserted cock in the pussy that greatly opened one after another, and made vaginal cum shot. Pussy that semen of ten totals is poured is tragic. Furthermore, she jumps into the swimming pool in a swimming wear with being covered with semen. And, she is shouted "Semen Stink" by the coach of the swimming club and is made fuck. After this, MIYU is cheated as she can become looks adult and is fucked, and pussy is transformed in ugliness more. Finally, there is not a man who inserts in a pussy either and she fingered by herself every day. It seemed to leave the swimming club and to have joined the masturbation club.
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