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  • Kazumi Ozaki
    "Fuck the teacher"
    Kazumi Ozaki
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Kazumi Ozaki
    - 94 min. - Bitrate 4000KBPS - File size 2.94 GB - 1280x720 pixel
    It has skilled English and has a lot of boyfriends of the foreigner, too. KAZUMI OZAKI is a female teacher who is well formed the miniskirt in slender body. She is impertinent and be so conceited, and is the terrible woman who does not have anything to do the dropout who does not have study at all though the appearance is distinguished. Of course, the TOKYO HOT permits such a woman. However, it was too much to do. It falls triggered by it having been fucked in a classroom at a dash. Please satisfy the appearance where the talented woman who is thought most far way from devil is treated like the slave. Class of KAZUMI who has newly gone for one's post to the TOKYO HOT academy is all English. Japanese is not used at all. It is attitude that from beginning to end looks down on students who do not understand what she says at all. She does cold-hearted correspondence to an ardent student who says that it will want her to teach English especially after the class ends. The student rages by the thing noncommittal treatment. Additionally, the secret desire that he wants to fuck to KAZUMI is ignited at a dash and he begins to put off her clothes. KAZUMI who a strip off brassiere is stimulated the nipple and she opposes it. However, there is must be not suitable in power and it is made taking off the panty and she is made open leg pose. Immediately after, the finger is stabbed to the pussy and is stirred. It is obstinately stirred and she faint in agony, and she is made female ejaculation. Then, the cock is continuously pushed and it is fellatio. It might be unexpected humiliation that it is made the suck of the smell cock of a foolish student. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The one leg is lifted high and the piston is done and the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots. The piston continues at woman on top, backward woman on top and missionary posture, and English that comes out from woman's mouth with the pant voice is separately provoked. It does not need the pardon for such woman infected by a foreign country. And it is vaginal cum shot. It gets excited by the appearance to refuse vaginal cum shot desperately. On the other hand, there was a student who was peeping at the appearance. The student takes a picture of the appearance with the camera. It becomes an opportunity that this makes KAZUMI falls to the vaginal cum shot hell. KAZUMI is called to the warehouse of the gymnasium by three students after school and she is shown the photograph of the problem and is at a loss for words. It may be sprinkled a shameful photograph all over the world through a net. KAZUMI can do nothing but follow students. It is made taking off clothes immediately, and the collar and ball gag is fixed. In addition, she is made to crawl in crawl on all fours. This is so humiliating. And, it is finger fuck while being groped the clitoris by the open leg pose. It screws vibs toy continuously and she faints in agony. The pussy is soaked much in the joy juice. Immediately after, the pussy is intensively touched with three electric massage machines. KAZUMI is obstinately pressed it and struggle, ing and is made acme. The cloudiness joy juice that blots in the vaginal orifice is obscene. Immediately after, Cuzco is pierced and it is exposed in the vagina. The uterine ostium which the cloudiness joy juice sticks is must see. And, the cock is pushed and it is fellatio. She is made to lick at three same time and take out a tongue and lick it desperately. Immediately after, cock inserted at standing back posture and posed woman on top, backward woman on top and bending posture. The cheek of binging becomes extinct and she is like slave who cannot refuse anything. And vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock is inserted soon and semen injected at missionary posture. Immediately after, third cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made after piston is severely done. Labia meat extends right and left ugly. Immediately after, students made a fool by KAZUMI gather. The students touch and lick the whole body of KAZUMI in order to break off everyday anger and sexual desire. The cock is pierced to pussy of KAZUMI who is made crawl on all fours and vaginal cum shot is made one after another. The semen of five totals is poured in the vagina. The state that KAZUMI moves a waist voluntarily immediately after ejaculation, and is going to squeeze semen is terribly indecent! The five vaginal cum shot is made continuously in the open leg pose and pussy become muddy by the total ten cum shot. Immediately after, the pussy is expanded by the finger and it urinates while having stood. A small amount of urination is excreted with semen. It is the appearance of the ruin of the talented woman. After this, KAZUMI is removed from the charge of English and falls to the pet of the school. English acquired with great feelings becomes useless, too. Daily life that is made vaginal cum shot earnestly will continue until being put in the pet house and getting pregnant and being thrown away.
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