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  • Miku Airi
    "Fuck Fun Session"
    Miku Airi
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Miku Airi
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    It is a grand slam in the many rookie of the year title! MIKU AIRI who features a plump body is a solo debut from the national idol group which became until a social! It gets the first place by the popularity vote of fans. The ticket of photo session soars abnormally on the net and it also becomes the thing that comes into question. However, the big incident breaks out because of the passed excessive popularity. Fans who heated up too much drive recklessly. The handshake association changes radically to the vaginal cum shot rally! It is mouthful cum shot, facial cum shot and 9 continues vaginal cum shot and it is in the state that the meeting place cannot get it under control! MIKU who is invaded the inside of the body by a large amount of semen is a drag down from top idol's seat and became a meat fuck doll. The fans who gather from the whole country because of the photo session get excited abnormally. The heat of the hall is terrific. The one in the fan put handcuffs MIKU suddenly and tie it to one's hand and restrict her. The handcuffs man make deep kiss and begins to put off the clothes of MIKU. Other fans also drive recklessly starting with it and rush into the caress all at once. MIKU is stripped off the panty though desperately opposes and is taken a picture of pussy with the camera. Then, the finger is stabbed in the vagina and it is finger fuck. The clitoris is touched with the electric massage machine at the same time and the pussy is clammy. Immediately after, the cock is thrown in the intraoral and she is made to suck it. The hall is already a lawless area. All fans are aiming at pussy of MIKU. Then, one of the fans fucks her continuously at missionary posture. The cock is inserted one after another at bending, standing back and woman on top posture and MIKU pants. In addition, it is stared at the connecting part which is made a piston while a anal opens greatly by all the members and she hates it seriously. Fans are more excited to see the state that a woman hates. And then, vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock is personally thrown in and she made cleaning fellatio for the first cock at the same time. It is the top idol who had decided pose lovely a little while ago a fall that cannot be thought. After this, the things that vaginal cum shot, insertion and injected semen again repeated continuously five times! The vaginal orifice that the semen of six totals is poured is muddy much. Moreover, she is made doing the cleaning fellatio of six all and the intraoral is also soppy. MIKU is faintness state. At a side of this, a handcuffs man receives a lot of money from another man and resells MIKU. She is restrained with handcuffs by the new buyer and is taken to the basement where disgusting men wait. It is top idol as expected, there are many buyer who spending large sum of money as many as one likes even as for the state of the pussy. MIKU who is surrounded by disgusting men is personally licked the whole body and is made deep kiss. In the next, she is made taking off the panty and is made careful licking service. Immediately after, the vibs toy is put in a pussy that is wet in the joy juice. MIKU faints in agony in a expression. Already there is no power to oppose and she is in the state of meat doll that is accepted anything. And, two electric massage machines are strongly pressed against the pussy and she gone into convulsions whole body and gets acme. Immediately after, the cock is pushed in the intraoral. It is made the suck of many cocks one after another and she is made hand job service at the same time. It is an expression immediately before the limit. Then, cock inserted at missionary posture and piston continues at bending, woman on top and back posture. The pussy is completely enhanced and drips joy juice sloppily. And, cylindrical apparatus is put in the pussy by lift hip up pose and semen is poured continuously. The launched semen goes directly to the uterine ostium! The inside of vagina is state of bubbled by the devil play into which semen of five totals is injected. Immediately after, cock inserted at missionary posture and continuously posed at bending & missionary posture. It is nine continues vaginal cum shot hell that poured semen and insertion is repeated. Naturally, the cleaning fellatio is also indispensable. The pussy and the intraoral are confused. However, it has not ended yet. After this, semen of four totals hits the intraoral directly. In addition, it is made the swallow of everything to a cruel thing. The close up photography image that pour the semen in a horrible expression that cannot think her the idol is must see. MIKU is made to life that is covered with semen in future. It is work in the forefront that feels the fan's cock close though she disappears from the gorgeous front stage. I hear that the motivation of her is increased as simply idol happiness. @
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