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  • Ayu Kamisaka
    "100times Acme"
    Ayu Kamisaka
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Ayu Kamisaka
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    It is in agony and go mad, and get acme 100times! The devil hell play to collapse mind pushed AYU KAMISAKA of the masochist girl in the hell. It is the state in which not only pussy act but cock is inserted even in anal. The appearance that felt for two holes act although she hates it and get acme is must see! Furthermore, continuation incontinence of urine at finger fuck is brilliant! It is photographed the all the details of the jet from a urethral opening scrupulously. A pussy and anal are also penetrated with many cocks, and it loses the power to oppose and becomes as slave meat doll. Degradation of AYU advances at a stretch during only less than two hours. After all a woman is a disposable creature. Even if it is explained from a supervisor that it is a devil hell play today, AYU does not seem not to understand well. It is made deep kiss by the actor while being told about nothing. A crotch is stimulated from on stocking and she is made acme. Immediately after, it is taken off the panty and she faints in agony by finger fuck. The clitoris is also stimulated simultaneously and she made female ejaculation! Also it is stirred abruptly after this and it is large incontinence of urine! And she is made acme many times. And she is made to suck cock while careful licking service is made by crawl on all fours and is made acme again. Immediately after, cock inserted at standing back posture. It is posed at backward woman on top & woman on top posture and she is made acme consecutive eight times after a piston is carried out repeatedly and made acme consecutive nine times. AYU is already a limit. The pussy is drenched much. Then, vaginal cum shot is made at the same time she gets acme. The second cock inserted soon and semen is injected st missionary posture after being made acme 6 times. And it is restricted both hands and clitoris is stimulated though power to oppose is not left. Immediately after, she is made acme again and have convulsions in a lower part of the body, Then, Cuzco is inserted and uteri ostium which is in a wet state with a joy juice is exposed. It is indecent uteri ostium which is likely to blow off joy juice without limit. And the vibs toy is thrown in an open leg pose and clitoris is fingered simultaneously, and she felt it. It is nonstop acme of consecutive eight times! And it is a cruel electric masseur machine act immediately after! She gets acme 15 times while exclaiming very much. AYU is being in a hazy state. It seems that she does not understand where she is. Then, cock inserted one after another in the pussy that opens greatly and vaginal cum shot is made. It is touched by the electric massage machine at the same time as the semen of a total of five shots is poured in and she faints in agony. Then she is made acme twice. It rests at last here. Although AYU takes a shower, there is mega cock disgusting actor is in the shower room for some reason and she is made fuck at standing back posture. And she is taken back to a bed after being made acme repeatedly. Immediately after, finger is put into anal and she opposes it. And finger put also into a pussy and it is stimulated. Then, cock is inserted into anal and she exclaims. It is inserted deeply and anal is opened greatly! And then, cock inserted at missionary posture. A piston is abruptly carried out at bending, side and back posture and she gets continuation acme while making pant! Immediately after, cock inserted anal at back posture and she is made acme again. It is revealed that she was a masochist lewd slut who gets acme by any hole. Both pussy and anal are posed badly at bending & woman on top posture badly and she faints in agony! A cock is simultaneously inserted also in a pussy at anal backward woman on top posture. Then, anal fuck is made while cock inserted in the pussy at woman on top posture. She is made acme repeatedly at the devil play of two holes fuck. Immediately after, semen injected into anal at missionary posture. The semen actors crowd without an interval to take a rest and insert cock into the pussy one after another and made vaginal cum shot! The pussy is messy with the semen of a total of five shots. Then, cock inserted at missionary posture and semen injected into the pussy after she is made acme 6 times by intense piston. The second cock inserted soon and vaginal cum shot is made after continues double acme. Finally, the pussy is touched with an electric massage machine and she faints in agony and gets acme consecutively six times. The disintegrated pussy is a miserable state. AYU cannot move at all and is stupefied. The comeback to normal life is already impossible. She is sent to the correctional institution of the TOKYO HOT, and is made vaginal cum shot all day long. The life that vaginal cum shot is made all day long waits as a meat urinal even if she leaves the institution. It is hell even if she goes to wherever. The devil hell snatched all the lives of AYU.
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    from 11-01-2011
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