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  • Rei Kawashima
    "Pitiful Super Pussy"
    Rei Kawashima
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Rei Kawashima
    - 97 min. - Bitrate 4000KBPS - File size 3.04 GB - 1280x720 pixel
    The figure which stands gallantly on long foot smoothly charms the men in the world! The famous model, REI KAWASHIMA of the slender beautiful legs is thrust down into cock hell and is madness! The smile that is good at dependence is totally a goddess. Naturally pussy of high grade woman is also beautiful. The all as anal and urethral openings are beautiful and super-first class. A steep expression when a cock is stabbed deeply is also the highest. The figure which gets acme with red-hot face and excretes true yellow urine shyly is obscenity of dreadnought class. The pussy that is made bubbled by the continuation vaginal cum shot is exposed and it also gets new fun. It cannot take eyes off from a super meat urinal model KAWASHIMA. KAWASHIMA is always a smile even if she goes to any spot though she is busy day after day by photography and interview coverage. It is a popular model truly. However, if lascivious subject is referred to, she will become silent just then. And it becomes the displeased expression. Furthermore, she makes a fuss as call a manager only by having been touched a little. However, a manager escapes immediately. At this time, KAWASHIMA gets to know that self was sold as a high-class pussy. It is flattered as a model and the last is such treatment. There is no value as the model. She is a pussy woman after all. Immediately after, the panty is also stripped off after clothes was taken off and she is made open leg pose. It is a straight line pussy! And quite beautiful pink! Small labia meat is also the highest. It is worth playing with this. And it gets immediately fingered clitoris. Immediately after, anal and a pussy are licked by the crawl on all fours and she faints in agony. Although she entreated to return, she is sucked cock. KAWASHIMA considerably hates and opposes it. However, it is put in deeply and she is made to suck. Then, cock inserted at standing back posture. She pants with an agonizing expression when the one leg is lifted up and a piston is carried out. Then, vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture after she is poked severely at missionary, bending and side posture. KAWASHIMA who was sold by the belonging office falls at an increasing tempo after this. Next day, it is the photography spot of an image video. However, it is deep kiss after the body was suddenly touched by men. She is taken off the panty though hates and is made to open the pussy greatly. Immediately after, strong finger fuck is made. The urethral openings that can see clearly is too indecent! And an electric massage machine is pressed against clitoris and she gets acme. Then, an electric massage machine pressed also at the crawl on all fours and she exclaims with red-hot face. She get consecutive acme while hating. The true character of this woman is really lewd. Immediately after, Cuzco inserted. The inside of a vagina is wet with a lot of joy juice in which cloudiness pussy juice was mixed. It is certain that it is anxious for stick insertion. Then, she is sucked cock one after another and made hand job service for three cocks. Then, cock inserted at missionary posture after she was made to suck earnestly and piston continues at bending, side and woman on top posture. She spread cloudiness pussy juice and pants. Then, vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. Immediately after, she is sucked cock that is just pulled-out and is made cleaning fellatio. The second cock inserted soon at missionary posture and semen injected at backward woman on top posture after poked at side posture. The third cock inserted at missionary posture after cleaning fellatio and poked much, and it is vaginal cum shot. However, it does not finish yet. The men who want to make vaginal cum shot in the pussy of super famous model are gatherings and inserted cock one after another and made vaginal cum shot. A pussy is soppy with the semen of a total of ten shots and vagina is opened greatly. The labia meat transformed, too. Immediately after, an electric massage machine is pressed against a pussy and she exclaims. And she utters lewd words and gets acme. The beautiful pussy is a mere shadow of one's former self. The last is PISS SHOT by squats down. She extends a pussy greatly with a finger and excreted a small quantity intermittently with shyness. It is at a loss for words by the urine yellow in a denseness which cannot imagine from an attractive smile. It is completed by super meat urinal here! After this, KAWASHIMA carries out vaginal cum shot campaign. However, galleries decrease day by day. A high-class pussy has important freshness. Nobody takes no interest in the pussy which deteriorated. Afterward, it is straight to the slut body disposal place. She is a miserable woman thoroughly.
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