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  • Mayumi Kuroki
    "Cock Poisoning"
    Mayumi Kuroki
    No condom
    Absolutely Uncensored
    Mayumi Kuroki
    - 110 min. - Bitrate 4000KBPS - File size 3.18 GB - 1280x720 pixel
    Mayumi Kuroki who is a looks good Race Queen costume to her slender body and has beautiful legs was collapse mind and body for cock addiction. Her body as a model and Masochist constitution with shy and sensitive. She cum lots of times while guys insert his cock to her vaginal. She has cut her pubic hair as cleanly and can see a binding portion as clear. She has excited treated roughly by guys. We have teach to her about how to be a meat urinal. Mayumi such as she came to be able to experience amazing is like to be deceived by force. Is she whether the frustration? Then she has restrained her hands by guys. After that guys taking her panty and Mini skirt off and give a spanking to her butt and open her legs to show her pussy. After that she has cum by vibration of small vibrator. Then she has get wet her pussy by guys finger job and came out vaginal juice from her pussy as well. That is so sensitive her body. Then she said she want to fuck by guys cock. Guys push electric massage machine on to her pussy while she giving a blow job to other guys cock. She has exciting about deep throat. Then guys push insert his cock to her vaginal by standing position. He holding her one side of her leg and give a hard stroking and she has cum again. Itfs looks so odious that vaginal juice has covered his cock. Then guys give a hard stroking with spanking her butt by back side cow girl position, cow girl position and standing position. After that guys has cum insert to her vaginal by bent over position. After she has clean up his dirty cock by blow job she has accept another cock by back side position and after she has cum again guys push into his semen to her vaginal. Mayumi has be stunned. She cannot think anything. That is nice masochistic women with sensitive body. Ofcource we know she still doesnft enough only two cock. Then Mayumi giving a hands job and blow job to two more cock to deep throat with pouring away slaver. She cannot be breathing and create a rucks. After that guys cum insert to her total 4times of semen. Guys has exciting while she deep throttling. Then she open her legs and guys push video camera into her pussy to see inside of her. at the inside of her vaginal was little bit turned red and covered by vaginal juice. It is looks like she want cock more. Then guys put cusco into her vaginal to see inside more clear. After she giving a hands job and blow job to guys cock other guys has insert his cock by back side position without condom. He has taking a back side position and cow girl position and she looks like so tired. And she has cum again by back side cow girl position and after that guys also cum insert to her vaginal. After cleaning up his cock another cock has inserted to her pussy by missionary posture and cum inserted. After that another guys cock has inserted with cum. Then next cock has insert by cow girl position and back side position and missionary posture. Guys has cum insert to her vaginal a lots. She said she so shame. Guys said after you accepted a lots of semen that you cannot say like that. Total she has accepted 10 times semen. After that semen has came out from her vaginal and guys put it onto her face. Mayumi cannot standing and open her eyes as well. She will have a fuck with dirty guys forever. That is a good situation for masochistic women who wanted a just guys cock. She just spend her life with dirty guys fucking as her happiness.
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